Inzata Analytics for Education K-12


Connected learner management applications for higher education providers, corporate training, short course providers, and more. Wisenet’s cloud-based platform allows Higher Education Providers to nurture successful learning outcomes, improve stakeholder engagement, increase productivity, and grow business with a suite of integrated applications. With 20+ years as the leading vendor of cloud-based applications for education and training providers, Wisenet works closely with customers to constantly improve all products and services, and remain ahead of the game through globally leading technology. Student success starts with Learning Relationship Management from enquiry to graduation. Discover: Leverage your website to publish courses, manage enquiries, take bookings, and payments. Enquire: Convert enquiries to enrolments from individuals, employers, or agents to maximise revenue opportunities. Apply: Close more sales with tools that automate your playbook, allow your staff to focus on high value tasks. Register: Trim overheads and provide an unparalleled experience to new learners. Learn: Give learners the best chance at success with better engagement, communication and collaboration. Graduate: Improve completion rates and keep your learners motivated, empowered, and connected. Advocate: Create brand advocates through your graduate network and let their experience do the talking.