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Data Analytics for K12

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Data Visualization Cheat Sheet

Master visual storytelling and create stunning dashboards with this comprehensive guide

AI automatically integrates and organizes school data, from any source

400+ data connectors to popular K12 applications – pull data directly from your Academic, Assessment, SIS, ERP and other systems.

Make data easily accessible for educators to track student performance across assessments

Give educators advanced Drill-Anywhere, Self-service tools in every dashboard to get to the root of what’s going on.

“The most capable platform I have ever seen.”

"Very rarely do you get to see something truly disruptive and game-changing. For any company that deals with disparate data sources and wants to free their staff up to other value added tasks... Inzata is the solution. Watch out Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI... Inzata is the real deal."
Denis O.
Director of Development

Customers Using Inzata

Free Up Analysts’ Time To Focus On Improving Outcomes

Inzata is brimming with automation features that save dozens of hours per week. Refresh data at the click of a button, or on your schedule – without coding. Make everybody more data-informed

“Inzata saves me from manually collecting and gathering data. Now I have more time to help people look at and understand the data, which I couldn’t do nearly as much before.”
Ashley Purcell
Assessment & Accountability Lead, Polk County Schools

Make Data Actionable

"Having data dashboards is super helpful on not only the student level, but for us in curriculum.

We see a lot of data, but unless we can display it in a way we can understand, it's useless. That's where Inzata comes in. It helps us make data more understandable and actionable."
Dr. Tina Barrios
CIO & Asst. Superintendent, Polk County School District

A district-wide Data Warehouse in a few weeks

"Great product, outstanding customer service & support! Inzata has been phenomenal. The product is great and supports our needs. The staff has been really helpful and hands-on with training, customization, troubleshooting, etc."
Phil R.
Chief Technology Officer
data visualization tools
"Inzata is way more than dashboards. It has brought all the features of an enterprise-class data analytics platform at a price point we could afford."
Dr. Tina Barrios
CIO & Assistant Superintendent, Polk County School District

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“The most capable platform I have ever seen”Nate V. Data Architect
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I wish this existed back when I rolled out a 120TB Hortonworks cluster.
"Support team, data ingestion and data model development are very slick."Insurance Executive
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I am spending less time with 3x the amount of data.
"Transitioning to Inzata was simple and has saved me so much time"Ashley P. Curriculum Specialist
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The team has been great - they are always willing to go above and beyond to help us when we need it.
“The software is easy to use, and it is backed by amazing customer support.”Stephen S. Healthcare Executive
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Great product, outstanding customer service & support. Inzata has been phenomenal. The product is great and supports our needs.


5 Actionable Steps For Data Storytelling

Master visual storytelling and create stunning dashboards with this comprehensive guide.