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How It Works

Step 1. Connect to data

Inzata validates and quality-checks data as it flows through every time, and can be used to standardize, clean and format data before it makes its way into your Data Warehouse.

Start creating real-time data pipelines and never collect data manually again!

Step 2. Create your unified Analytic Data Model with an AI assistant

Once data is flowing in, Inzata’s AI data modeler begins processing and determining how the different data sets fit together into a logical, enterprise model.

The process used within Inzata’s data modeler automatically detects and profiles every field within every one of your datasets. Dimensions, Entities, Facts and Attributes are detected and organized automatically. Inzata also supports metrics, which work with Inzata’s ELT framework to provide the industry’s first real-time-aggregation engine, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in data analysis.

Inzata’s AI accomplishes in minutes what takes human-only teams months. It delivers the same high quality, multidimensional data models, star and snowflake schemas, with unprecedented functionality, 1,000 times faster than unassisted methods.

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Step 3. Get insights with Beautiful Data Visualizations and Dashboards

With the model created, your data warehouse is done! All of your ETL has been created by Inzata.  Metrics and aggregations are auto created as well, and you can create your own custom ones.  Your data mappings are done!

You’re now ready to begin creating dashboards!

Data Visualization Tools

Freedom: Visualize data using your choice of tools

Option 1: You can start building dashboards directly inside Inzata, using Inzata’s dashboard tools featuring more than 1,000 data visualizations.


Option 2: Publish your new Data Warehouse to any cloud data platform(s): SQL Server, Azure, Snowflake, Redshift etc. You can use any commercial visualization tools (like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlikview, Looker etc.) to begin visualizing with your data.

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