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Prioritize making data a strategic asset, and you will enjoy significant advantages over those who don’t


Inzata is a next-generation, augmented data analytics platform.

We empower everyone to work with data, easing complexity, accelerating time-to-value, and providing the best user experience
Inzata exists to provide software for people to ask & answer complex questions about their data without requiring them to master query languages, statistical modeling, or the command line

Customer Success

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Erika Maita Client Success Manager
Gio Fragoso Client Success Manager

Account Management

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Dane Williams Account Executive
John Bonilla Account Executive
Inzata helps you get more value from data assets you already have.

It’s your data.

You paid for it.

You paid to collect it.

You’re paying to store it.

Shouldn’t that data be providing value in return?

Product Management

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Alex Durante Product Director
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Braden Rafter Data Engineer


Elle Goldman Marketing Director
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Scottie Todd Digital Marketing Lead


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David Robinson CEO
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Christopher Rafter COO and President
Karl Muehlberger CFO

Inzata was founded in 2016 by a team of seasoned data professionals who have worked in Data Analytics since the late 1990s, with extensive experience in the K12 space. Inzata exists to help organizations get more value out of their ever-growing and ever-changing data assets. We do this with industry-leading expertise and automation. We’ve carefully studied the way organizations create, collect and use data. 

Our products give you the optimal advantage to rapidly ingest, integrate, clean, organize, make sense of and analyze your ever-growing data assets. To accomplish this, we’ve created an eco-system for immersive, interactive human-driven, machine-assisted data analysis, the Inzata Analytics Platform. Rapid time-to-value is our major differentiator. We help users go from raw data to actionable intelligence faster than any other platform on the market. With that speed comes lower risk, lower cost, and happier users.

We help clients rapidly turn raw data into insights and knowledge.