Inzata Analytics for Education K-12


Yabla’s Smart Subtitle Technology Helps You Learn Faster. Dual-language, interactive subtitles and playback controls immerse you in authentic video including TV shows, music, interviews, documentaries, lessons, and more. Learn from the best teachers—native speakers using their language in everyday situations.


Voxy is an online English solution providing organizations with an adaptive language curriculum.


VocApp is a platform that aids effective language learning. It is the combination of a passion for foreign languages and the latest technologies that, when working hand in hand, gives great results. The most important thing for us as the VocApp team is that we really like our work and we do everything that we […]

Vocabulary Miner

Brilliantly simple Flashcards app Vocabulary Miner helps you learn quick and easy. The smart algorithm and swiping Flashcards make you remember the words this time. Offline & online learning, backed-up data, no ads, spaced repetition algorithm, easy and intuitive, create your very own Word lists or download ready-to-learn Flashcards. Just tap & swipe Flashcards. Remember […]


Verbling’s mission is to empower people all over the world to become fluent in a foreign language. Verbling Enterprise further empowers companies to shatter barriers internally & externally by improving cultural understanding, team productivity & communication, and global ROI.