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Memrise is a language learning app that is the opposite of textbook learning: it’s super enjoyable and incredibly effective. Download Memrise for Android, iPhone or tablets and start learning for free: – Choose over 20 official language courses created by expert linguists. – Learn the language that real native speakers use in everyday life. – Our smart learning engine tailors the course to match your performance, keeping you motivated and on track. – A variety of proven memory techniques help you learn fast and remember for longer. – Practice comprehension and pronunciation with different review sessions: Speed Review, Difficult Words, Pronunciation, Learn with Locals and new virtual Immersion videos (iOS only). – Download your course to get more learning into your day, wherever you are. Our 3-step natural approach to language acquisition focuses on learning the most useful words and phrases super quickly, immersing in native speaker audio and video clips to build your understanding in a real-world context, and building the confidence to start communicating in the language.