Inzata Analytics for Education K-12


Vidyalaya is a complete, fully customizable School Management Software ideal for schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and educational institutes. It assists institutes to manage all administrative and academic tasks in a single integrated system. Vidyalaya provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of the school community, including school administrators, school leaders, academic staff, students, and parents. It provides a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution to integrating all school processes. Vidyalaya is run by Sapphire Software Solutions. Our company is one of the oldest School Management Software providers in India. Our first window-based product version was released back in 2002. Since then we have become one of the leading School Management software providers in India. While some competitors have come and gone, we have been consistently providing services to our clients. This means Vidyalaya is produced by what is arguably the longest-serving and most experienced School Management Software team. Vidyalaya has evolved from windows based school management software to fully integrated cloud-based solution. * Over fifteen years of School Management Software experience. * Many of the prestigious schools of Gujarat state are our major clients and they have rated No-1 software in Education Domain. *