Inzata Analytics for Education K-12


SpeakWiz is a multilingual platform where everyone can find an interlocutor in any foreign language. It is the perfect way to improve your language skills, speaking skills and language learning. Focusing on the most applicable aspect of language proficiency – speaking, SpeakWiz makes the process of learning a language much shorter, and provides enough motivation […]

SmartClass+ HUB

Smartclass+ Language Lab is a multi-user interactive software platform that enables language teachers to build and manage language learning activities for their students and deliver those activities for both in-class and self-study assignments.


Rype offers live 1-on-1 language lessons online with teachers to help you learn Spanish, French, English, German, and more.

Rosetta Stone

Speak fluent business with language solutions from Rosetta Stone. Reduce language and cultural barriers to unlock better business results. From improved employee retention to reduced compliance risk and increased productivity, language training may be your organization’s operational secret weapon.

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages system is based on both science and the practical success strategies that polyglots (people who speak 5 or more languages fluently) use, which practically guarantees your success.